Travel Week

I’ll be hitting the road on Friday for a 2 day drive to St. Louis for the holidays. This week is a 42 mile week, so the two days driving won’t actually be too big of a problem. The biggest issue is showing up in St. Louis where it will be about 25 degrees (vs Florida where it’s 75 degrees) and having to do 15 miles the next day. If I can get used to the cold, it shouldn’t be too big of a deal because once I’m in St. Louis, it’ll pretty much be like the life of a professional runner: run, eat, relax, sleep. Minus the sponsorships and the second run of the day, I guess.

So, here’s how the week will shape up:

Monday: 6 miles 9:05 pace + 1 hour strength training
Tuesday: 2 x (4 miles 9:05 pace + 2 miles 7:15 pace) + 1 mile 9:05 pace
Wednesday: 6 miles 9:05 pace + 1 hour strength training
Thursday: Chiropractor, find cold gear, 2 miles at 9:05 pace
Friday: Travel Day
Saturday: Travel Day
Sunday: 15 miles at 9:05 pace

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  1. i hope you recover better than i from a day (or two) in the car! my legs would be all kinds of wonky and not be up for a 15 miler. but it’ll be nice to run some new/different routes. good luck with the cold temps. personally i just have some under armor tights and compression shirts, and then i’ll layer on a t-shirt, fleece, etc depending on how cold it is. maybe you can get your chiro to sponsor you. you can run your races in a singlet/shirt with their logo on it. 🙂 hey worth a shot.

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