Week in Review: April 2-8, 2012

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a “week in review” post mostly because I haven’t had a whole lot to report. I’ll admit that there’s not a whole lot to report this week either, but I have started things up again:

Monday: 3 miles easy

Tuesday: 5 miles easy

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Off

Friday: 3 miles easy

Saturday: 5.3 miles easy

Sunday: Off

Total: 16.3 miles

16.3 miles! That’ll be about the average long run if I decide to run the Walt Disney World marathon. After Monday and Tuesday’s runs, I felt a little soreness in my knees. I took Wednesday and Thursday off and the soreness went away. Friday morning’s run was very pleasant and we had a great group for the Saturday morning run.

Everything feels good now, so I’ll see if I can ramp up to (gasp) 20 miles next week. I’m still running very much by feel so I don’t really want to force myself into any kind of schedule just yet. Still, I’d like to get a little more mileage next week.

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  1. i hear ya. i’m not even up to 16miles / week yet! haha.

    here’s to both of us getting back in shape and back to our old mileage (and then some!) 🙂

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