Week in Review 4/23/2012 – 4/29/2012

It’s hard to believe another week is in the books, but time is flying. Friday was the state track & field championships so the season is officially over. That means I’ll have to adjust more to morning runs since I won’t be running with the team in the afternoons (at least for the next two weeks – some of the runners expressed interest in continuing to run after school). I’m holding up pretty well with the 25 mile weeks. I sometimes wake up with a little soreness here and there (especially in my feet), but it goes away after a day off or an easy run. If the last 7 years of running have taught me anything, it’s how to tell the difference between a little soreness and an actual injury in my own body.

Here’s how the week went:

Monday: 4.8 miles easy in the afternoon followed by 3 miles at threshold pace in the evening.

Tuesday: 3.6 miles easy

Wednesday: Body weight strength circuit

Thursday: 4 miles easy in the morning + 3.6 miles easy in the afternoon

Friday: Off

Saturday: 8 miles easy

Sunday: Off

Total: 27 miles

I think I managed to fix my Garmin. I let is sit off for about 5 days, then charged it fully. Once it was fully charged, I got it to turn on and download the new firmware. The firmware supposedly fixes the lockup problem I was having. It made it through the whole week without a problem.

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