Week in Review 04/09/2012-04/15/2012

Cheers to another solid week since my “marathon training sucks” post:

Monday afternoon: 4.5 miles easy with the track team

Monday evening: 3 miles (7:10, 7:09, 8:32) with the World of Beer group

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: 3 miles easy “runcaching

Thursday: 4 miles easy (8:43 pace)

Friday: Off

Saturday: 9 miles easy

Sunday: Off

Total: 23.5

My goal was to 20 miles. I would have had 20.5, but I felt good on Sunday and decided to continue running with another 3 miles after the group finished 6. Meghann, a young lady who is moving to St. Pete in the beginning of May joined our group for the run and she was planning on doing 12. I ran the extra 3 with her to show her a little more of our normal running route. I was definitely done after the 9 and sent her on her way to finish off her 12 without me.

I’m holding up pretty well. I felt a little twinge in the normal spot on my left knee on Thursday morning. I actually adjusted by running a little taller which engaged my hamstrings a little more, relieving some of the stress on my quads. The pain went away almost as soon as I made that adjustment. I still need to start doing some strength training, though. I think I’ll aim to hit 20-25 miles again next with the addition of the strength training.

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