Things Runners Can Add to This Year’s Wish List

As usual, the holidays are sneaking up fast. Before you know it, you’ll be attending one holiday party after the next, eating and drinking a lot more than usual. Running is a great way to stay in shape both mentally and physically during the chaotic season. Typically, running is a very affordable sport since you really don’t need anything but a good pair of sneakers to get started. However, if you have people asking you what’s on your wish list these days, here are a few ideas for some fun things that will make your running even better.

A GPS Watch. For more serious runners and those that are starting to look into racing, a GPS watch can be an awesome addition to your runs. It lets you know how your pace is looking and allows you to store your run info on your computer so you can see how you’re progressing against your goals.

Sneakers. You should be changing your sneakers every few months depending on how often you run, so if you’re due for a new pair in the near future, add these to your wish list. You can go to the store and figure out the exact pair you want and then pass along the model number to whoever is gifting you them.

New Workout Clothes. When you start getting into more advanced workout clothes that do a good job of keeping you warm or cool and help with wicking sweat away, the tab can really add up. These brand name items are typically expensive so the holidays may be a good time for you to splurge on some nice stuff that you wouldn’t otherwise have room for in your budget.

You can enjoy a nice Christmas morning run with some of these gifts before indulging in a big holiday meal!

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