The Do Nothing Vacation

My dream vacation

I recently came across a great post on the Lonely Planet blog called “How to Plan a do-nothing” vacation. Although I’m a budding quasi-provider of “do something” vacations, I have to say the post sounded quite appealing.  I was especially fond of tip #4 – what to bring…at least 4 of the following components:

  • Swimsuit weather
  • hammocks
  • body of water
  • lots of towels
  • reasonable food within 200 meters of your bed
  • cocktails in primary colors within 100 meters of your bed
  • a vista that’s better than most TV shows
  • a large variety of reading material in the following genres: humor, adventure, sci-fi, teenage wizards, biographies of people who didn’t die in an especially tragic way, superheroes being awesome, and horny vampires

My dream vacationI should note that the background on my computer’s desktop is the view from the bedroom of one of those bungalows that sits on stilts over a lagoon in Bora Bora. So, upon reading the post and looking at my desktop, I was immediately inspired for a do nothing vacation.

Of course, being in charge of a bootstrap start-up company leaves me lacking in the cash required for such a vacation but I made do with what I had:

1) Body of water within 4 m of my bed (bathtub)

2) Swimsuit weather (I do live in Florida…and it’s a nice 76 degrees in the house)

3) 1 towel

4) The unabridged Sherlock Holmes collection (not exactly as mindless as suggested, but short stories don’t require the commitment of a novel and the Holmes stories always seem to take me away from my own problems for 30 minutes).

It was actually pretty rejuvenating and a few hours later, I was sleeping soundly in my bed after having one of the most productive evenings in recent memory. So, don’t forget to take a “do nothing” vacation every once in a while – even if it’s a mini do nothing vacation. I’m still holding out for Bora Bora though!




  1. Love this! The pic makes me jealous. It looks so lovely and relaxing. I want to be THERE. A nice bath and a good read could be just as relaxing. Glad you were able to take some good quality time out for YOU. Thanks for sharing.

  2. my bathtub sucks though – the water emergency drain (or whatever it’s called) it’s triggered even when there’s not a lot of water in the tub. so, i’m jealous of your obviously better tub!

    and yes, you must get to an overwater bungalow. let’s just build some in florida…

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