Strange Dreams

The last few days, I’ve been having some pretty vivid dreams. Most of them involve some sort of travel and they seem to reveal some interesting things about what my subconscious thinks about my life right now.

It started early last week. I dreamed I was traveling with two other men. We were dressed in business suits (something I very rarely do) and we were traveling by plane. We were trying to get to Chattanooga, TN but we missed our connecting flight out of Atlanta. We decided to drive to Dalton, GA where we arrived just in time to catch the last flight out to Chattanooga. As the plane took off, I could tell something was wrong. It seemed to be struggling to gain altitude. Sure enough, we crashed in the parking lot of a supermarket. Somehow, I was gently thrown from the plane during the crash and survived without a scratch.

Immediately, I had to tweet about it: “Just walked away from my first plane crash!” Then, I figured that since Dalton, GA is only about 30 miles from Chattanooga, it made more since to just drive it.

The Dream dictionary says that if you dream you’ve missed a connection, you’re feeling somewhat trapped by a situation or feeling disconnected from work, relationship or home life. To dream of a plane crash indicates a loss of power and uncertainty in achieving your goals. Chattanooga is, of course, somewhat significant because it’s the start of the Tennessee Ragnar Relay and I’m about to submit a proposal to company X for a title sponsorship of the Digital Running Club Ragnar Relay teams. Dalton, GA by the way, does not have a commercial airport.

The fun continued over the weekend when I dreamed I was traveling on a plane landing in Atlanta. This time, I thought it was going to crash, but it turned out that the Atlanta airport had grown so big that they just built a multilevel runway and we were “threading the needle” so to speak and landing on the second of four levels of this runway. It was a little scary, but the terminal was all abuzz because some lawyers had just arrived to deal with some sort of dispute in the NHL playoffs. In the terminal, I met up with a guy I knew in high school and haven’t seen for years. In the dream, however, I believed I saw him every time I passed through the Atlanta airport. He explained that he lives in Atlanta and he now travels to a different place every weekend.

To dream of old classmates indicates a past lesson that is applicable somewhere in your life now. To dream that you are a lawyer means that help is available if you ask. I’m not sure what it means when people keep announcing that the lawyers have arrived over the airport PA system. A terminal represents a transitional phase where you are approaching a new direction in life. Travel in dreams represents the path toward your life goals.

On Monday, I dreamed I had traveled to a beach house in the outer banks of North Carolina. It was similar to a house I stayed in with my extended family back in 7th grade. My extended family was all there this time, but we were all our current ages and everybody had their children there. We were trying to figure out where we were going to put everyone. Outside, the sky was dark and the ocean was full of huge waves that crashed on the shore close to the house. Although the sight was a little scary, I was excited about having fun riding the waves.

To see family in a dream represents security, warmth and love. Seeing a house in a dream represents your own soul and self. To see water rising up against the house suggests becoming overwhelmed by your emotions. To dream you’re on a beach looking out toward the ocean indicates unknown and major changes in your life. The sea was forbidding, which is probably a bad sign, but the fact I was excited about that perhaps negates that.

Finally, last night I dreamed we were looking at a new school for Alice and Wendy. The hallways of the school were a maze. For some reason, it became imperative to escape the school and I figured out how, but there were two doors and both had to be open at the same time to get out. There was a man holding one of the doors closed, but we tricked him and got out. He chased us for some time, but I found some wire strippers and cut his leg with them until he bled all over the floor.

A dream that takes place in school is a metaphor for the lessons you’re learning in your waking life. A maze often indicates you’re making a situation harder than it really is. Being inside a locked door indicates harsh lessons that need to be learned. To dream you’re being chased is a metaphor for some form of insecurity in your life. To dream others are bleeding represents an emotional cry for help. To dream you are stabbing someone indicates a fear of betrayal.

So, I guess a lot of this isn’t so surprising for a guy who doing his best to leave a career he spent 12 years getting a Ph.D. in to move toward something else. Moving into the sponsorship sales part is intimidating. Calling people and asking them for stuff has never been my strong suit. Hopefully, the fact that I stabbed that guy who was chasing me means that I’ll overcome that fear. Not sure how the wire strippers play in.

What do you all think? Any bloggers out there wearing a technicolor dreamcoat?

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  1. step away from the acid… :-p

    quite entertaining stuff. i can’t imagine cutting someone’s leg with wire strippers? that must have taken awhile… seems to me the DRC is off on a strong start!

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