Something new: jogging recovery

Since I’ve started with speed intervals in my training, I’ve felt a little wussy about the walking recovery in between intervals. Sure, my speed intervals have been tiring, but something just wasn’t sitting right. So, I set out today to jog the recovery periods. I started out with the goal of running 6 400 m intervals at 6:00/mile pace with jogging recovery at 10:00/mile pace. I pulled this off for the first 3 intervals, then switched to 200 m intervals at 6:00/mile pace with the 200 m recovery jogs at 10:00/mile pace. I got 4 of these intervals in, then took a 400 m recovery jog and finished with a 200 m speed interval. So, 3 400’s and 5 200’s with jogging recoveries for a total of 3 miles at an average pace of 8:08/mile. Not too bad, though my wife told me I looked like I was going to fall over afterwards.

Actual workout

5 minutes warmup

3 400 m speed intervals at 6:00/ mile with 10:00/mile recovery

4 200 m speed intervals at 6:00/mile with 10:00/mile recovery

1 400 m jogging recovery at 10:00/mile

1 200 m speed interval at 6:00/mile

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