Slowing down

After my last two disasters, I decided to slow things down today.  I woke up with some very stiff legs and contemplated taking the day off.  Once again I coaxed myself out the door knowing that some movement in my legs coupled with a lot of water would help me recover and make tomorrow’s 8 mile run a little easier.  Instead of shooting for 8 minute miles, I aimed for 8:30 miles.  Like Saturday, my heart rate was running about 10 beats per minute above my usual and it was a tough run.  I managed to finish in the goal time without a walk break, though.  I will admit that I prayed for traffic a couple times at my major road crossings and was once rewarded with a 15 second reprieve while I waited for the traffic to pass.

On another note, I received my Disney marathon packet today.  My race number is 15797.  That lifted my spirits quite a bit.

Planned workout

8 minutes warmup

4 miles at 8:30 pace

8 minutes cool down

Actual workout

8 minutes warmup

4 miles at 8:19 pace

8 minutes cool down

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  1. No fair, we have not recieved our packets yet. But that probably means they will be in the mail this week. I have actually slowed down so that I would hit a red light. Sort of cheating but not really.

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