Running Recap: Week of 12/07/2009 – 12/13/2009

Finally, a week worth talking about!  I finally feel like I’m “back in the game”.  I did start off the week on the stationary bike as my right foot was feeling a little tweaked, but I managed an encouraging 3 mile race, a solid fartlek run and a nice consistent 15 miler over the weekend.  It looks like there may still be some hope left for a 1:30 half marathon at Disney next month.  Here’s how the week shook out:

Monday AM: 18 miles stationary bike + lower body and core strength training

Monday PM: 4 miles at 10:45 pace with Alice

Tuesday AM: 6 miles at 8:18 pace

Tuesday PM: Put together new sleep number bed – made me sweaty, but Ohhh the reward of a good night’s sleep.

Wednesday AM: 2 miles at 8:45 pace (shake out for the race)

Wednesday PM: Jingle Bell Run (3 miles in 18:58) – 4 miles total with w/u

Thursday AM: 18 miles stationary bike + upper body strength training

Friday AM: 6.5 miles of windy fartlek work.  Threw in 200-400 m fartleks at 6-6:15 pace and a couple of 7 minute miles

Friday PM: Jogged 2 miles warmup with Alice before putting her through a 4x400m workout

Saturday AM: 15 miles at 8:45 pace with Richie, Justin and Steve

Sunday AM: 6 miles at 10:45 pace with Alice

Total: 45.5

I was shooting for 50, but I’m not complaining.  Now that I feel good, I’m willing to take my tentative “injury reigns” off and go full throttle for a couple of weeks (assuming my holiday travels don’t get in the way).

Justin, Steve, Richie and I were going to run a half marathon on Sunday, but Richie tweaked his calf during the Jingle Bell run, so we decided to do an easy 15 on Saturday instead.  We did make cool matching shirts that we all wore during the long run (pictures coming in the future).  I think we got a little more respect from the cyclists because of them.

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