Paul and Yoda were right

Last week, after my 3 mile experiement, Paul noted that I should be careful not to mess up running long.  During my 10 mile run, I felt that I had mastered the art of starting slow and finishing strong.  I certainly did okay during my 7 mile run on Saturday.  Unfortunately, things were not so good today.

I set out for my 6 mile run with the goal of running 9:15 minute miles.  With that in mind, I hoped to run the first mile in 10:00 to 10:15.  I ran it in 9:13.  That didn’t worry me too much.  After all, I’ve been starting fast on my three mile runs lately and turning in great times.  Still, I slowed during my secind mile….at least I thought I did.  A ran the second mile in 9:00.

Things were getting worse, though.  I was starting to get tired.  Still, I ran the 3rd mile in 8:54.  I was like a runaway train.  No control at all.  I sinoly couldn’t slow down.  At about 3.3 miles, I came to a water fountain and took a 1 minute walk break.  I really needed it.

I ran the 4th mile in 9:19.  It was my slowest mile of the whole run, but only because of the walk break.  I ra nthe fifth mile in 8:39 and I was dead.  I had to take another walk break.  I ran the 6th mile in 9:02 and I was exhausted when I finished.  There was certainly no finishing kick today.  I stumbled to 6 miles, staring at my Garmin the whole way.  I averaged 9:01 minute miles…much better than my goal pace, but I certainly didn’t execute my plan for the run, and I didn’t enjoy it at all.

Planned workout

8 minutes warmup

6 miles at 9:15 pace

8 minutes cooldown

Actual workout

1 mile warmup

6 miles at 9:01 pace

1 mile cooldown

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