2009 Holiday Review

I didn’t put in nearly the mileage I was hoping over the holidays.  The cold temperatures, crazy schedule and copious amounts of booze were sufficient excuses to keep me from doing too much.  My one saving grace was that I did manage to hit pretty much all of my quality workouts during that time and only skipped out on so called “easy” runs.  I’m not going to lay everything out here mostly because it’s been a crazy day and I just want to put all this behind me.  So, the highlights include:

A Christmas eve session of 1.5 mile intervals at 6:45 pace in the cold, windy rain.

An 18 mile slog on the treadmill

A 16 mile run two days later that included several 1200 m intervals at 6:20-6:30 pace and a 15th mile run sub 7 minutes.

The final 16 miler was a good confidence booster going into The Walt Disney World half marathon this weekend.  I’m ready to rock and roll and I’m pretty confident in my ability to break 1:30.

On another note, life has been pretty crazy lately, so I apologize to those readers who’ve missed my regular and incredibly insightful comments on their own blogs (ha!).  I’ll try to get back to being my usual blogosphere social self in the very near future.  I’ve also got some plans for changes to this blog.  I’ll try to spill more on that later this week, along with a look back at my goals for 2009 and how I fared.


  1. welcome back friend. i’m sorry you had to spend part of your christmas in kentucky… 😉 i hope things settle down so you can get back in your regular groove of running and such.

    way to go on getting in your quality workouts! i know i tend to, uh, skip those and opt for the easy ones instead. obviously more beneficial your way.

    good luck this weekend at disney! i am a little sad to not be going this year 🙁

  2. Good luck this weekend! Are you doing a marathon soon too? I would assume so if you put yourself through 18 miles on a treadmill.

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