Nice set of intervals

I woke up this morning feeling as though I didn’t sleep so well. I did toss and turn a lot, but heck the legs felt great and the planned workout didn’t seem so difficult. It was 4x1000m at T pace (7:02 min/mile or 4:22) with 1 minute waling rests+ 2x1000m at I pace (6:21 min/mile or 3:57) with 3 minute recovery jogs + 4×200, at R pace (6:00 min/mile or 45 sec) with 200 m recovery jogs. Here’s how it went:

1000 m in 4:10
1000 m in 4:07
1000 m in 4:04
1000 m in 4:14

1000 m in 3:51
1000 m in 3:46

200 m in 39 s
200 m in 45 s
200 m in 43 s
200 m in 44 s

The total workout was 7 miles in 53:21. When I finished, I hit the stop button on my Garmin and started walking right in front of a house. The lady sitting on the porch yelled out to me, “You can do it!” I laughed. “I just did!” I replied. I think she thought I was just stopping because I was tired. It was a great set of intervals and a good confidence booster just a few days before the race.

After work, I picked up Alice and we had a pretty good 3 mile run. The first mile was spent discussing how track events would be different if they were run on the moon. The second mile was spent at 7:00 min/mile pace (she was in the lead). I asked her if she was going for a PR. She started to cry (still running 7:00 min/mile, mind you) and said “I want to slow down, but I can’t”. I was getting out of breath and replied “You mean like you’re on crack or something”. She kind of did a half laugh, half cry type of thing. Eventually, she calmed herself down and slowed her pace, finishing the run well. For about a half mile there, I looked like the worst father in the world. She was running along crying making me look like I was pushing her too hard. In truth, I was still sore from my morning speedwork and struggling just a bit to keep up with her.

I’ll be spending tomorrow morning in a warm bath. That’s my planned workout.


  1. too funny about the run with alice. hope the tears were just random!

    nice job on the intervals, but how could you let yourself be seen walking? 🙂

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