I woke this morning with some awfully sore legs and (I dare say) a bit of nausea. So, I was not too excited to go out and do three sets of 2 miles at T pace. Still, I managed some breakfast and felt a little better so I headed out the door. The warm-up was okay. I felt pretty sluggish, and the legs were tired. When I got to the park, I gave my first interval a go. It felt good for a while, but quickly started to go downhill (not in the good way), so I halted it at one mile. I tried a second interval, but it only lasted a half mile. After that, it was basically a fartlek run: me upping to pace for a non-specific amount of time, then slowing down again until I managed to get back home. In all, it was a 5 mile run in 43:17…not much better than my easy pace. I was just happy to get something done.

After the run, I spent most of the day attending the funeral of my good friend’s mother. By the time we buried her and I got back to work, it was about 3:30. I processed some client checks, took them to the bank for a deposit and then it was time to get Alice for our afternoon run. The afternoon 3 miles went quite well. I think it cleared some of the toxins out of my body and Alice really dug her new shoes. A cold front went through too, so it was only about 70 degrees. We had a good time chatting as we jogged along.

So, 8 miles down. My legs are still tired, so I think I really need to take it easy this week. For those of you who read my blog and not Jess’:

A) Why aren’t you reading Jess’ blog?
B) Big time congrats to Jess who suffered from a stomach virus all week, wasn’t sure she was even going to be able to start the race, then showed up and won the damned thing. Nice job, Jess.


  1. nausea, uck. i swear it’s a ‘natural’ feeling for me daily. sucks.

    you were probably due for an ‘off’ day since you haven’t had one yet this year, and maybe your body is a little tired from the quick jump into doubles.

    oh and yes, 70 degrees is quite chilly. it snowed here last night… so you can just shut it! 🙂

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