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Classic Video Games

My first home computer was a TI-99/4A. I enjoyed playing Adventure, Tunnels of Doom, Munchman, Car Wars, Alpiner and many other games for many years on this little machine. As a youth, it was these games that inspired me to … Continue reading

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Treasure Chests Finish at the 50 5K

The company for which I now work offers an incentive program for charity events. By participating, I get points that I can use for paid time off. Dan and I were looking for a way to get back into racing, … Continue reading

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The Recap

Back in ancient times, when television shows were consumed one episode at a time, it was not uncommon to gather in front of the TV to enjoy one’s favorite television show only to find the characters sitting on the couch, … Continue reading

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Locale Market and Local Farmtable Kitchen

This past week was the 1st anniversary of the opening of Locale Market at Sundial St. Petersburg. I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that last Tuesday was only the second time I set foot in the place. I had, of course, … Continue reading

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Many of my regular readers will recognize my running fueled love for Mac & Cheese along with a tasty beer. So, on my recent trip to Ulele (Tampa’s hottest new restaurant), my post workday mood was immediately improved by the … Continue reading

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Still a Scientist

Most of my readers know that in addition to being a runner, I’m trained as an oceanographer and have been working in that field since 1998. Since I don’t blog very often anymore, most of my readers probably don’t know … Continue reading

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Evolution of a super medal

Having already launched the Interstate Challenge, Grand Slam Challenge and Hat Trick Challenge, already had challenges that encouraged people to race different distances in different places. The next logical step was to challenge people to race more often. I’ll … Continue reading

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Who cares? Just Run!

In recent months, much ado has been made about a September Wall Street Journal article called “The Slowest Generation: Younger Athletes are Racing with Less Concern about Time“. It claims that there are fewer “super competitive” runners in their 20’s … Continue reading

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The Year of the Challenge

In 2013, hosted 1 challenge. 150 people signed up for the 2013 Interstate Challenge and 126 people have completed it to date. I’m not one of them. I did run a full marathon and a half marathon in 2013, … Continue reading

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New Gear

This has been a long time coming. Since I first dreamed up in 2007, I’ve been waiting for the moment when I would be able to pull on a jersey for a race. In the grand scheme of … Continue reading

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