Back to the core

I headed to the gym today for 6 easy miles on the treadmill and my first Friday core training class since early December.  As an aside, has anyone else seen people driving around the parking lot of their local gym looking for the perfect parking spot?  What’s the logic there?

“I don’t want to have to walk too far get to the treadmill”?

I usually park in the first spot I see.  In her Clark Griswald way, my wife tends to park far away from the building so she gets a little extra exercise on the way in.  I wonder if anyone has every studied fitness club parking behavior.  Perhaps I’ll suggest it to my daughters as a science fair project next year.

My 6 miles on the treadmill went pretty well again.  It wasn’t as easy as yesterday, but still not hard.  My legs are pretty sore from the Wednesday’s speed work and Thursday strength training.  It feels good, though.  I feel stronger and faster already.  Whether I actually am is another question altogether.

After the treadmill, I headed to the Friday core conditioning class.  It was quite full today since a lot of people are still on the New Year’s resolution bandwagon.  We did a half hour complete abdominal curcuit.  It totaled 8 stations and I was pretty shredded after about 3.  Luckily, the last two were planks and throwdowns which I actually enjoy doing.  So, I had something to look forward to at the end.

Somehow, I forgot to stretch today.  I was already in the shower before I realized it, so I did a few stretches in the shower.  I’m looking forward to a nice day tomorrow with perhaps an 8 mile run on tap.  Tonight, though, it’s Tequila Lime tilapia, some rum and friends’ hot tub.


  1. i’ve wondered the same thing about people parking in general (store, gym, whatever). i just park ’cause by the time you drive around and around you could’ve been inside already. are you going to train hard (speed work every week) all year until disney 2010? or are you working on speed now for the shorter races in the spring/summer, and then cutting back to easy weeks for a bit before jumping into the 1:15 plan? just curious.

  2. I really don’t get the whole trolling for parking thing, can you imagine how much time is lost not to mention gas is burned. But what really gets me is the guy who speeds through rush hour traffic, dodging in and out of lanes nearly causing horrible accidents just so he can get to the job that he hates doing. I mean really, is it worth you life to do a job you hate?

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