Coming out of the funk

I was back on the treadmill today for 6 easy miles.  Things went pretty well and it actually felt pretty easy – or at least as easy they did before the race.  Afterward, I headed down to the weights for some strength training.  I tried my first exercise from the Terrence Mahon powerpoint presentation: the single leg squat.

I performed it with a 40lb dumbell in each hand and that was pretty tough.  I did one set of 10 reps and only got 6 reps on the second set.  The balance was especially tricky.  Then I did some seated calf raises with 115 lbs.  That’s all  I stressed the legs today (they were still feeling yesterday’s intervals).

I followed the legs with 2 sets of 10 reps with 230 lbs on the decline press, 2 sets of 8 with 100 lbs on the incline press, High rows with 70 lbs on each side, Shoulder shrugs with 55 lb dumbells in each hand and bicep curls with 40 lbs on each arm.

It was good to get out of the post-race funk.  They say you should recover 1 days after a half marathon.  I’m at 12 days now, so that’s about right.

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  1. the guy doing the single leg squat is ridiculously huge! glad you are out of your ‘funk’ already (even though you still had some good runs through it). now it’s time to bring home those 5:43’s. only 90 more days or so here.

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