Week in Review (11/29/2010 – 12/5/2010)

I woke up Monday feeling pretty sick, so I ended up skipping a lot of my morning runs this week.  It was supposed to be a “step back” week anyway, but once again it was more relaxed than planned.  I still managed to get some mileage in running afternoons with Alice.  I was feeling better at the end of the week and planned to get in a quality run, but Richie asked if I wanted to run a 5K race, so I did that instead.  Here’s how the week shook out:

Monday: 4 miles easy

Tuesday: 4 miles easy

Wednesday: 4 miles easy

Thursday: 4 miles easy

Friday: 3 miles easy

Saturday: 3 miles warmup + 3.1 mile race = 6.1 miles

Sunday: 3 miles very easy

Total: 28.1 miles


  1. looks like a pretty low key week. did you run one of the many jingle bell/christmas theme races in your area? i wish they would have some in our area but i guess running on compacted snow/ice is not really ideal.

  2. gah genesis, read previous day’s post. duh.

    yesssssssssss i beat you in miles! i’m sure you’ll take over the top of the podium this week though.

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