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Alright loyal readers, it’s time for some feedback.  I’ve had some ideas about online tools I want to build for the running community, but I’m curious to know what people are actually looking for.  Is there anything missing?  Is there something that could be better?  So, if you all don’t mind taking a little time to reply to my little survey in the comments, please do so.  I’m very interested in your thoughts.

1)  What online tools do you use now?

2)  What online tools would you like that you don’t have access to now?

3)  What is the biggest obstacle to your experience as a runner online?

4)  With regards to running ,what is your favorite type of content to view online?

5)  With regards to running, what kind of content is missing online?

6)  Do you have any other comments?

I’ll start the ball rolling by answering the questions in the comments…


  1. 1) I used to use the Runner’s World training log pretty regularly, but I found myself putting my logging activities off until the end of the week and then entering all the workouts for the week then. It turned into a chore, and I finally gave it up after my marathon in February. I liked being able to easily look back on my runs and total things up, but I missed the convenience of something simpler like just writing the run down in a notebook.

    2) I’d love something a little more automatic. If I could simply plug my Garmin in and have it automatically log my run with the option of entering additional information, or log my run with a quick few keypunches on my phone, I’d probably do it more often. If I could then easily import that information to my blog, that would be “beast” (as my daughters would say).

    3) I think the biggest obstacle for me is time. I wish i had more time to interact with other runners and I wish I had more time to log and share my own runs.

    4) I like race reports (especially for races I’m going to run)

    5) I think there’s not a whole lot of content about running relays like Ragnar.

    6) I have no additional comments, but I hope you do :).

  2. 1) um. running tools? jack, macmillan and coolrunning.com pace calculators. i used to use the coolrunning training log (back in like 05-06!) but then they merged with active.com and i didn’t like it anymore. now i’m a spreadsheet addict as you know…

    2) i dunno. garmin has a computer-program and an online log FYI. i chose to DL the computer program, but i can always log into garminconnect and upload my runs there too. i really am a spreadsheeter… but i’d go for an online log that was simple, sleek, and gave me the “data reporting” i like.

    3) having 9287402 log ins for every website

    4) i guess regular ol’ runs, with photos is extra nice, to see where other people run and get training/workout ideas.

    5) i kinda wish there were more running camps for adults (and at a reasonable price). that’s not really online though. i just think summer xc camp for non hs/college runners could be fun.

    6) these are very open questions. shame on you for making me think at 8:30am. what ever happened to the idea you had going on that involved ordering running gear? don’t think i have let you slip on that one…

  3. I’d like something capable of tracking which shoes I wore so at some point I can select a pair of shoes and it will tell me how many miles I have on them.
    ALthough a lot of sites offer nutritional advice and stretches to do, it would be cool to be able to select the type of workout you did, and then it will suggest nutrition and stretching articles based on that.

  4. Interesting questions and here are my newbie opinions:

    1) Dailymile.com – love the community and how easy it is to log workouts. I believe it also integrates with Nike+, Garmin etc.

    2) I’d like a place I can enter my workout gear and when I got them and when they “broke” or no longer useful. Ex. my headphones went kaput a few days ago and I was wondering how long I had them for.

    3) Biggest obstacle – none really.

    4) I like the community aspect of it – so forums, although I only belong to DailyMile.com right now. I also like to see what people are doing – i.e. their training plans, what types of workouts they’re doing, races planned & race recaps.

    5) Other than what’s mentioned in 2) I can’t really think of anything.

  5. I’m a new runner (friend of Bret) and I use a program called RunKeeper (runs on android and iPhone) that works very well during the run (announces time, pace, mileage) and automatically posts to a website RunKeeper.com that you can share (with facebook or twitter or a few others) or keep private. It also suggests people in your area that can be a part of your Street Team which can assist in encouragement and accountability.

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