Running Recap: Week of June 6/29/2009 – 7/05/2009

This week was a planned light week due to the midnight race on Friday.  It ended up being even ligher thanks to some car troubles and a whole lot of rain.  Here’s how it went:

Monday AM: 2 treadmill miles at 8:19 pace + full body strength training

Monday PM: 4 miles with Alice at 10:19 pace

Tuesday AM: 6.27 miles with Richie at 8:14 pace

Tuesday PM: 4 miles with Alice at 10:15 pace

Wednesday AM: 6 treadmill miles at 8:19 pace

Thursday PM: 2 miles fartleks at 7:36 pace

Friday PM: 5K race at 6:25 pace

Sunday AM: 4 miles with Alice at 10:51 pace

Total: 31.37

Alice and I both had sandbag legs this morning for our 4 miler.  Hopefully, the 4 miles cleared them out.  Next week starts speed workouts.  I’ve got a set of 400 m intervals and a tempo run on tap.  I’m more worried about the tempo run than the intervals, but we’ll see what happens.


  1. do you kinda dread speed days? i find myself doing that lately. really have to force myself to do it, but then i feel ‘accomplished’ after i at least attempt to run hard.

    anyway, nice week. i don’t doubt the legs were heavy after the midnight race!

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