Running Recap: Week of 1/18/2010 – 1/24/2010

Here I am at the peak of marathon training.  This is how I roll.  Here is the kind of week I put in at the peak of marathon training:

Monday AM: 3 miles at 8:16 pace

Tuesday AM: 21 miles stationary bike (1 hour)

Friday AM: 40 minutes stationary bike + 2 miles treadmill at 8:22 pace

Saturday AM: 18 miles (12 easy + 6 at 7:30 pace)

Sunday AM: 2.6 miles

Total: 25.6 miles(almost a marathon!)

Yeah.  That’s about what Ryan Hall did this week, I think.  The Saturday run was a solid 18 miler, but it’s pretty sad that I couldn’t put together enough miles in the 6 other days of the week to even equal a marathon.  I’m pretty mentailly drained right now.  I’m ready for the race to be over so I can get up in the morning and run (or not run) however many miles I feel like at whatever pace I feel like without a schedule to follow.

5 weeks to go.  I’ll try to be better this week.


  1. That is still a comendable week.I wish I could push myself into those types of miles, but I start physically breaking down around 45 miles or so. Jeez – you almost put that amount in over the weekend!

    The camera this past weekend was my iPhone. I carry it in my fuel belt…

  2. Okay, I’ve edited the post. I accidentally put my total mileage for the week under Sunday, so it looked like I ran 18 on Saturday and then came back with 25.6 on Sunday. LOL. I would have actually been proud of that!

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