Running Recap: Week of 1/25/2010 – 1/31/2010

I made a pretty good comeback this week.  Even though it was sometimes difficult to get out of bed, I hit all of my planned workouts this week.  I’m 4 weeks away from the Gasparilla marathon.  I’m officially registered and I’ve only got one more week before the taper.  Here’s how it went:

Monday AM: 21 miles (60 mins) stationary bike

Monday PM: 6.1 miles with Alice at 10:20 pace

Tuesday AM: 8×1200 m in 4:45-4:51 with 30-60s rests.  10 miles total

Wednesday AM: 6 miles at 8:15 pace

Thursday: Off

Friday AM: 6 miles at 8:40 pace

Saturday AM: 2×1.5 miles at 6:45 pace + 17 miles = 20 miles in 2:42

Sunday AM: 6.2 miles with Alice at 10:35 pace.

Total: 54.3 miles

The speedwork on Tuesday went quite well.  I was surprised to get all 8 1200’s in at under 6:30 pace.  I’ve gotta believe I’m capable of a sub 40 min 10K now.  Saturday’s long run was tough.  I did 2×1.5 miles at 6:45 pace before meeting up with Steve and Justin (they were running 13).  I ran about 11 with them and Steve drove the pace over their final 6 miles at 7:30-7:40 pace. That wore me out for my last 4 miles which were straight into a 22 MPH headwind.  I held onto my run despite an extreme desire to walk and finished my 20 miles in 2:42 – which is actually a 20 mile PR for me.

I’m starting to feel pretty confident about the marathon even though the distance is still intimidating.  I’m definitely ready to tackle it and then spend a few weeks without a training plan to follow.


  1. After reading your story about the Walt Disney World HM, I had to tell you how inspiring I find your determination. I’m 22 and absolutely new to running; I did my first 5k in mid-October, coming in just under 25 minutes. Since then I’ve been telling myself that I’ll run an HM in April, but I haven’t learned enough about to training to quite know how to best do that yet. Right now I just hit the sidewalks and put one foot ahead of the other. Today was my longest run of my entire life, 10.25 miles that I finished in 1:52. I guess I’m writing all of this because I’ve caught the bug and want somebody else to know that running is changing my life. Thanks for telling us all your stories and being a part of that change in myself, and I’m sure others as well.

  2. waiting til the last minute to sign up for a marathon? weirdo 🙂 well, i guess i signed up for one about 3-4 weeks in advance once before.

    you’ve put in a lot of work brian. have confidence in yourself, your lungs, your legs, your heart. you will run strong!

  3. I just found your blog after searching for running blogs to get tips from. I am running my first half marathon this july in SF. I find your drive contagious. Could you recommend other running blogs?

  4. Hello, I absolutely love your blog, it is so motivating. I ahve just signed up to run in an event called Love Life Love Running, which has a 6 hr challenge which looks pretty good fun and something different from a marathon. Have a look! Thanks for the motivation

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