Not really sure how I did that

Yesterday was actually kind of nice.  I went to the gym, did 6 miles on the stationary bike, then did a full body strength training workout.  In the afternoon, I did another 3 miles with Alice (in 28:20).  She claims the slower pace hurts her legs.

I’m definitely feeling the effects of the two workouts a day.  The left shin has a mild bit of pain (shin splint) occassionally and the buttocks tend to get a sharp pain whenmy foot lands at a weird angle.  Of course I’m also pretty sore, but that actually feels kind of nice.

Still, when I woke up this morning feeling like a stiff zombie and the prospect of this workout:

1 mile warmup E pace (8:49 min/mile)

2.5 miles T pace (7:02 min/mile)

.5 miles E pace

2.0 miles T pace

.5 miles E pace

1.5 miles T pace

.25 miles E pace

.75 miles T pace

2 miles E pace

I was giving serious consideration to playing the “Take it easy, it’s your first week of two-a-days” card.  At some point, I convinced myself to get out the door.  My feet landed awkwardly a few times during the warmup mile, sending the sharp pain deep into my rear.  I almost called it there, but convinced myself to give the first interval a try.  That’s when I surprised myself.  Here’s how it went:

1.02 miles warmup

2.5 miles at 6:58 pace

0.5 miles rest/recovery

2.0 miles at 6:59 pace

0.5 miles rest/recovery

0.56 miles at 6:59 pace

0.25 miles rest

0.75 miles at 6:40 pace

0.25 miles rest

0.75 miles at 6:52 pace

1 mile cool down

So, I really only screwed up the 3rd interval…and I walked a bit.  Technically, I should not have walked at all and just run my E pace as recovery.  It was pretty damned hot and humid and I was out of short sleeved shirts, so I wore a long sleeved technical shirt.  About halfway through, I did something I almost never do – I took my shirt off and ran shirtless for the remainder of the workout.  At the beginning of my second interval, I passed a woman running quite quickly.  I heard her chuckle and she said,

“Hey, wait up!”

I looked back at her and smiled.  I wish I could have been more cordial, but I was all about momentum today and I was very afraid that slowing or stopping would ruin that.  So, if you’re reading this, nice running lady – I apologize.  I’ll happily wait up on one of my easy days.

After work, I picked Alice up and ran another 3 miles with her.  We did it in 28:10 today, which was slightly faster than yesterday.  It was a good run that we both enjoyed.  I was so tired from the morning that I was focused on myself more than her today, so I think she felt comfortable running her way and not having me comment on her form.  I should probably stick with that.  I think once we get to the speedwork a few weeks down the road, her form will naturally become more efficient.

I’ve run 26 miles over the last 3 days and I’m happy to say that I’ve only got 3 miles planned in the next 2 days.


  1. well i’m glad you’re not jumping into running doubles everyday of the week! while they are all much easier runs, it’s still taxing on your body. remind alice that she has a long time to build up her speed to peak during xc, and she can enjoy taking it easy for now!

  2. Good job! Sounds like you need a little rest, but that you’ve got that scheduled anyway.

    I think most runners understand the need to complete a workout, so that woman probably understood.

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