In these tough economic times…

I’ve seen a few of my twitter friends vow to start every Tweet with “In these tough economic times…”.  They haven’t followed through, so I thought I’d go ahead and do it.

In these tough economic times, I ran 3 miles.

In these tough economic times, I created something new.

In these tough economic times, I had a new idea.

I’m not special.  If you’ve lost your job, you’ve got more time.  Do something with it.  If there’s one thing I learned from “running” the one marathon I’ve run, it’s that each step – no matter how short, or how slow, or how painful – takes you closer to the finish.  Find your passion and pursue it one step at a time.

This morning, I hit the gym for 6 miles on the bike combined with an upper and lower body workout.  After work, I headed downtown with Alice for a 3 mile run.  It was windy, but she was feeling fast today.  We ran it sub 9 min/mile (approaching my normal easy pace).  I might have to reign in the speed demon.  Sunday will be her first 4 mile run, so we’ll see how she handles that.  I’ll be hitting the core training class tomorrow morning, but I’ve got no running on tap until Saturday’s 400 m intervals.

In case I don’t post before Saturday, I’d like to wish a heartfelt good luck to Jess.  She’s trained hard for a long time in preparation for this Saturday’s Big D Texas marathon.  Unfortunately, she’s come down with a digestive virus in the last week, so that’s an added (unplanned) challenge.  Good luck Jess!

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