Hey! A Track

Richie and I both have children who go to the same private school.  Richie has figured out how to slide past the maintenance shed, into the woods and around the fence that surrounds that school’s track – thereby bypassing the locked gate.  This made me a little nervous and I guess that’s why I’m a computer programmer by trade and Richie is a private investigator.  Nobody noticed us sneaking in and the football coach came and opened the gate while we were working out without saying anything to us.  So, I guess they weren’t all that concerned.

It was my first track workout ever.  The plan called for 12×400 m in 86 s with 400m recvoery jogs.  Here’s how it went:

400 m in 82 s

400 m in 83 s

400 m in 83 s

400 m in 83 s

400 m in 84 s

400 m in 84 s

400 m in 87 s

400 m in 85 s

I called it after 8 intervals.  I was beat.  I really woke up in a bad mood this morning and it carried over a little into the workout.  I did manage a pretty good jog in between all intervals except the 7th.  I walked 200 m after the 7th.

For his part, Richie did 8×400 with 200m at easy pace in between, essentially doing 5K in about 18:30.  After 1200 m cooldown with me, he didn’t feel “quite right” about the workout.  So, I played cheerleader while he ripped off a 5:33 mile.  It was all about the cheerleading – ha!


  1. I sneak into tracks all the time. I mean what are they going to do?? Kick you out! haha anyway, great job on the workout – did you like being on a real track better than the treadmill?

  2. All those 400s under 90? Wow!! That’s a tough workout, no wonder you were beat!

    I’m assuming you pay tuition for your daughter to go to school, and if no team is using the track at the time, I say why the heck not? People around here run on the school tracks all the time.

  3. i’m with amy – you are donating plenty of $ to the school. the track is your territory! i say this about public school tracks too – hey, i’m paying county and school taxes even though i don’t have kids. basically, i run on a track until i get some sort of official warning (which has never happened thankfully).

    nice job on the 400s! almost all on target too, though i’d gladly take that 87 any day. i will also take your cheerleading services if it means i can hit a 5:33 too.

  4. You know you’re a running addict when…. you sneak onto school tracks– what a crook 🙂

    Sounds like a good workout– How is your mood today?

  5. @Patrick Mood isn’t a whole lot better today. I’ve been tracking down clients who are overdue and trying to get them to pay even though I know they can’t afford it in most cases. I’ve gotta manage my own cash flow, though.

    @Everyone else. I’m sure there’s probably some insurance liability with us running on the track. On the other hand, people saw us running and nobody said anything. Of course by the last few intervals I was hoping somebody would kick us off!

  6. I just found your blog and I like your “story so far” intro of the difference between a jogger and a runner. I personally hate saying “jog”, doesn’t it feel like a softer version of running our assess off? haha

    And I support the track break-in. All the way. I’m an average runner in Brooklyn (does my name give that away?). Good to hear what other down to earth runners have to say.

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