2 Solid Quality Run

With lots of traveling later this week, the early part of the week takes on some serious priority.  I’ve completed both of my “quality” workouts already and they both went well.  The first, an interval workout, fell on Monday.  The plan was for 5 1200 m intervals at 6:15 pace (4:42).  Here’s how it went:

2 miles warmup

1200 m in 4:34

1200 m in 4:35

1200 m in 4:39

1200 m in 4:40

1200 m in 4:41

1.7 miles cooldown

Total: 9 miles (there were 600 m jogging recoveries in between intervals)

The second workout was today.  It called for 2 x 1.5 miles at 6:45 pace followed by 7 miles easy.  Here’s how it went:

2.25 miles warmup

1.5 miles in 9:25 (6:18 pace)

1.5 miles in 9:30(6:21 pace)

7 miles at 8:20 pace

Total: 12.5 miles (including walking recoveries after Intervals)

So, I’ve gotta be happy with two quality workouts faster than prescribed pace.  My legs are very tired and I’ve got a 16 miler tomorrow, so hopefully they’ll hold up.  After that, it’s a day off, then an easy 6 on Saturday and lots of time in the car!

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