17 miles to nowhere

Yesterday, my motivation was gone, so I took a hot bath, did some foot exercises and went to work.  Today, I hit the bike again.  The bike always seems to make my foto feel better.  When I wake up in the morning, my ankle always seems a little stiff.  Rising the bike works the stiffness out of the joint without the damaging impact of the run.

It’s hard to hold myself back from running, but I know I have to do it now, or risk screwing up my actual marathon training.  My foot feels better everyday and I’m walking without a limp now.  I’ve been massaging it every night and stetching my calves multiple times per day in additon to some foot and ankle exercises that a physical therapist showed me back in my volleyball days.

I won’t even be putting in a mile run this week, as much as I want to.  I’ll see how I’m doing over the weekend.

Planned workout

10 minutes warmup on stationary bike

45 minutes at level 7 on stationary bike

 5 minutes cool own

Actual workout

5 minutes warmup

45 minutes at level 7 (17 miles)

5 minutes cool down

total distance: 19 miles

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