Wicked cool stickers and a run with Ragnar Cary

Digital Running Logo on a stickerRaffi had a few extra credits with Vistaprint left over from a Groupon she bought, so she made me some wicked cool Digital Running Club bumper stickers. I like the overall size, but the logo itself is a little small. I think a die cut sticker in the shape of the logo would be even better, but these are great considering she put them together quickly and they didn’t cost anything.

Last night, there was a 4 mile “social run” that left from Ferg’s, a local dive that butts up against Tropicana Field. I had a particularly frustrating day writing code and didn’t feel like going, but Raffi convinced me that it would be a good idea. We grabbed some Digital Running Club business cards and headed out to meet up with a few other friends.

At the bar, I met Cary who is a marketing coordinator for the Ragnar Relay Series. He’s not to be confused with Carrie, who is the Ragnar Florida Keys race director and his fiancee. Anyway, Raffi handed him a card and he chuckled. Apparently a few emails had been going around the Ragnar office about us and the team we’re putting together for the Tennessee Ragnar Relay. They like the concept, but they’ve been getting emails from people I’ve contacted wondering if we’re a legitimate company and they don’t really know how to handle those.

I certainly know where they’re coming from. They don’t really know much about me, so it’s risky for them to put their brand name on the line in telling people that we’re legitimate when in fact we might not be. We certainly are legitimate, but the scammers will tell you they’re legitimate too.

At least now, one of the Ragnar staffers can put a face to the emails going around the office! I had a lot of fun talking relay races and relay culture with Cary. It sounds like there may be Colorado and Texas Ragnar Relays coming our way in the not too distant future!

The rest of the evening at the bar was kind of lame. They raffled off some $18 water and there were some drink specials, but I left my wallet in the car and didn’t feel much like hanging around anyway. I was pretty tired.

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