Checking In

Well, at over 2 months, this is possibly my longest blogging drought since the very beginnings of this blog. It’s not like I’ve been idle, though. I’ve had more than enough posting action over at On the running front, I’ve been holding my own – averaging about 20-25 miles per week. It seems like… Continue reading Checking In

Not Dead Yet

I’m still alive, despite my lack of posting. I’m sure you’re all eagerly awaiting the photos from the 2011 Florida Keys Ragnar Relay, but you’ve waited a whole month, so what’s another week? Okay, maybe I’ll drop one in just for fun: I’ve been a lot busy this week, but just wanted to drop a… Continue reading Not Dead Yet

What do you want?

Alright loyal readers, it’s time for some feedback.  I’ve had some ideas about online tools I want to build for the running community, but I’m curious to know what people are actually looking for.  Is there anything missing?  Is there something that could be better?  So, if you all don’t mind taking a little time… Continue reading What do you want?

A milestone of sorts

I hit the treadmill today for 5 miles before a 1 hour strength training session. That, of course was no milestone. In fact, I felt somewhat sluggish during the 5 miles at 9:05 pace…just a bit of a “hangover” from yesterday’s threshold work I suppose. The true milestone has to do with a website I’ve… Continue reading A milestone of sorts