Take that 800 m

I gotta say that I was downright nervous about my interval workout today.  I’ve come to loathe 800 m intervals so much that these workouts almost feel like a mini-race.  Yesterday, I woke up with horribly sore calves from Saturday’s intervals and the beach workout on Sunday.  So, I made the decision to burn my off day early in the week.  The calves felt better this morning, but I still wasn’t at all excited about heading out for the intervals.  The plan was 4 x (200 m at R pace + 200 m jog + 200 m R pace + 400 m jog + 800 m R pace + 400 m jog).  My R pace is currently 45 seconds for 200 m and 3:05 for 800 m.  Here’s how it went:

200 m in 0:43

200 m in 0:42

800 m in 3:02

200 m in 0:44

200 m in 0:48 (this was actually more like 250 m)

800 m in 2:57

200 m in 0:42

200 m in 0:45

800 m in 2:58

200 m in 0:43

200 m in 0:44

800 m in 3:01

With warmup and cooldown, the total was 7.5 miles.  I’m very happy with it.  The only one I missed was the 2nd 200 m in the 2nd set and that was actually long.  No walk breaks at all today.  Tomorrow is an easy day on the treadmill with some upper and core strength training.  We’ll see if I can string together two good quality workouts this week on Thursday.  That would be a nice confidence booster for the race less than 2 weeks away.


  1. i psyched myself out about tempo/speed days all the time in training for goofy. then, like you, i usually pulled it together and had a great run. i’m sure when you look back over all your speed days these past few weeks you’ll realize you’re in great shape and ready for the upcoming racing ‘season’. that’s how i usually convince myself i’m ready anyway.

  2. Woah, I like this workout! I stumbled upon your blog from SeeJessRun, and we have some similiar times and I definitely could relate to your most recent post about the 5k race. I never thought of doing a workout with 200s and 800s. Are you training for a full marathon ?

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