Some life in the legs

I’m still alive.

No, I didn’t injure myself running barefoot.

Yes, I’m still running.

I’ll admit I’ve been a slacker lately at least when it comes to the blog.  I have been very busy at work (both jobs), which is good for the financial situation, but less so for blogging and keeping up with all my friends’ blogs.

My runs have been pretty informal.  I’ve been leaving the Garmin at home and just running whatever distance and pace feels right on any given day.  Sometimes I run to the gym, workout, then run home (about 5 miles round trip).

Running has still been a big part of life, though.  Some of the good that has come from working into the night has been that I’ve freed up some time to go to all of Alice’s track meets.  Last week, she finished second in the 3200 m at the district meet and has advanced to the regionals (tomorrow down in Naples, FL).  So, I guess you could say I’ve been a little inspired by the “playoff” atmosphere of the last couple track meets and her improvement/drive to keep improving in general.  Perhaps that’s why I was finally motivated to do some 400 m intervals yesterday.  Here’s how it went:

1.5 miles warmup

400 m in 1:19

400 m in 1:21

400 m in 1:19

400 m in 1:25

400 m in 1:23

400 m in 1:21

1.5 miles easy

The recoveries between intervals were 400m between 8 and 9 minutes per mile (with 10-15 seconds walking post interval to catch my breath).  It felt great.  It’s nice to see I’m still in pretty decent shape.  I’m sticking with one of Jack Daniels’ non-specific training plans right now.  I’ll be adding a second day of speedwork in a couple of weeks – probably 1200’s at 5K race pace.  I’m running 12 miles with Drew on Saturday.  Hopefully he’ll go easy on me.  He didn’t bother with much recovery after his sub 3 hour performance at Gasparilla and nearly ran a sub 35 minute 10K a couple of weeks back.  Maybe he’s ready for some recovery now.


  1. i’m glad you are still alive too. i was wondering where you’d been posting-wise; have seen some of the track tweets so i knew you were out there somewhere. no ENT news update yet – waiting on MRI results.

    good luck to alice today!

  2. Nice to see you’re still around Brian!You obviously haven’t lost the speed!

    I sure would like to get *my* hands on that person who figured out this whole working for a living concept.

    Oh. I *did* have to buy a stick of deodorant before sitting at the poker table….

  3. Isn’t it nice to just run to run. No training schedule that must be kept in fear of not reaching some goal for a race. Just go outside and run. I find it to be the nicest time. Don’t get me wrong, at some point I feel that need to see what I can do, train hard and run. That is why I signed up for the VA beach half in september. Glad to hear of Alice’s success.

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