Running Recap: Week of 10/26/2009 – 11/01/2009

This week was a pretty down week. I had planned it that way, but as things turned out, it was much worse than expected. I don’t have a great reason for that. I had written off the weekend as part of the plan because I was supposed to be heavily involved in the roasting of a whole pig for Halloween. Given the potential time commitment there and the potential for alcohol consumption during the process, I planned to give myself the whole weekend off. Thursday ended up being an off day too since I had a meeting in the morning and Alice had an early cross country meet (she won by over a minute, ending the JV season. She’s on to varsity for the district meet this week). Friday, I had an ultrasound on my thyroid in the morning and then tried to get in some intervals on the treadmill around lunchtime, but they didn’t go so hot.

The weekend was crazy. Friday night, Raffi surprised me with tickets to the REO Speedwagon/Styx concert. We got home late and at about 3:30 am, the aquarium heater exploded, sending a large chunk of ceramic through the side of the aquarium. This scared the hell out of our house guests who were sleeping in the room with the aquarium at the time. The ensuing flood ate up about 2 hours of mopping with every towel in the house.

I spent the rest of the morning helping friends get the pig on the smoker and setting up for their Halloween party. Saturday night was a late night of copious drinking and Sunday was spent stalking Lindsay and Richie at the NYC marathon. Both PRed – Lindsay with a 3:33:02 and Richie with a 3:01:22. Enough excuses, though. I’m 16 weeks out from my own marathon and I need to get back to some consistency. Here’s the numbers on the week:

Monday AM: 7 miles with Richie at 8:29 pace
Tuesday AM: 2 miles warmup + 3 miles in 19:46 + 2 miles cooldown
Wednesday AM: 4.25 miles with Richie at 8:36 pace + 3 miles (30 mins) stairmaster
Wednesday PM: 4 miles at 8:14 pace
Friday AM: 2 miles warmup + 2x1000m at 6:15 pace

Total: 26.25


  1. As you so eloquently point out… I know *exactly* that of which you speak. In fact, the reason for picking my next race isn’t so much the race – it’s the Champagne Brunch following! Figured if that didn’t inject fun into my training, I better take up cycling….

  2. Nothing like a pig roast and REO to throw a wrench in your running plans 🙂 Love it!

    What time are you shooting for in the Disney half?? I plan to be there rooting you on– I fly in Thursday

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