Breast Cancer & Moonlighting as a PR dude

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been doing a little PR work for one of our websites that sells plus size bras.  The website is hosting a contest that will donate $250 to the fund-raising efforts of a single walker in an upcoming Susan G. Komen 3 day for the Cure event.  I’ve thus been scouring the blogosphere for those who might be interested in spreading the word about this contest.

I’m not surprised that I’ve found quite a bustling internet community around the Susan G. Komen 3 day events and it’s funny how well I can identify with many of them.  For instance, Laurie talks about the importance of earplugs for camp.  How I wish I had those while trying to catch a few winks at a major exchange during the Ragnar Relay.  Paula talks about the finish.  Here’s a quote that will sound familiar to anyone who’s ever finished a marathon:

Walking into holding was not something that you can describe. To know you finished the walk (even if you did only walk 27 out of 60 miles) is amazing. Everyone is there cheering you in. As I was walking down the aisle of cheering people I saw my med team and they looked so proud of me. It just felt simply amazing!

There are some things with which I can’t identify, though and I’ve read some truly heart wrenching stories over the last 3 weeks.  There are those who have survived and those who have died and (perhaps most depressing) those who have fought off breast cancer once or even twice only to be overcome by the disease a few years later.  In just about every case, however, it’s amazing how many people these women (and some men) have inspired.

At least half of the bloggers I’ve contacted are people who didn’t exercise much before taking on the challenge of the Susan G. Komen 3 day for the cure.  Make no mistake that this event is one that requires training akin to that which we runners undergo when preparing for a marathon.  Walking 20 miles may seem easy to us at first glance, but 20 miles at any speed is nothing to scoff at and doing it for 3 days straight is an accomplishment worthy of note.

It would be easy for many of these people to say, “That’s not something I’m cut out to do” or “I’ll never make it”, but they keep going (and that’s why energizer is a major sponsor).  The thought that a friend, relative or co-worker looked death in the face drives them on.  Little by little they walk, increasing their mileage until they do it.  They have mottoes like “Whining causes blisters” and “Blisters don’t require chemo”.  They find out what they’re really capable of when they put their minds to it and they don’t quit.  They find a vibrant community of other people doing the same thing and along the way they raise huge amounts of money for the fight against breast cancer.

I continue to be inspired by these people.  My only regret is that we only have one donation to give.  I hope that the contest will drive enough traffic to the website so that it grows enough for us to donate more next year.  If anyone knows of someone who is walking this year, please direct them to the contest:

Tweets and Facebook shares would be much appreciated as well. Thanks!

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