Wrapping up the week

I waited out this morning’s rain, feeling quite sorry for those who were running the Gasparilla half marathon and full marathon.  Congrats to Denise for sticking it out in the full marathon despite high winds and rain to beat her Disney time and to Deb and Kim who finished their first half marathon.  I ran 6 miles at easy pace.  The legs were a little tired from the race, but it was nice to get them moving and I think they’ll be better off Monday because of it.

Here’s a review of this week’s action:

Monday: 1200 m intervals – 6 miles

Tuesday: Easy treadmill run – 5 miles

Wednesday: 1.5 mile T pace intervals – 8 miles

Thursday: Off

Friday: Easy treadmill run with strides – 2 miles

Saturday: Race with warmup and cooldown – 4.1 miles

Sunday: Easy run at the park – 6 miles

Total: 30.1 miles

So, it was a light week due to the race, but it was the first time since starting the 5K training plan that I put together 3 good quality runs.  It was my last week at VDOT 47.  I’ll be up to VDOT 48 next week.

I totalled 135 miles in February.  So, I’m starting to crawl back up the mileage meter.  I’ll be back at 42 miles next week.


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Brian! 🙂 It really was brutal yesterday, but I did beat my Disney time. I think if the weather was better, I would have had an even better PB.

  2. it’s nice to be able to enjoy a run the day after a race. i still don’t know if i really enjoy the pain of sprinting for 3.1 miles though. (that’s what it feels like to me anyway)

    congrats on graduating to a new vdot class, and great mileage for the month! i can’t believe you did a 1200 workout yesterday. even though 5k’s are less taxing, it still seems crazy! nice pacing on the 1200s, once again all under your target pace. you are a machine.

  3. @Lindsay At this point the 5K’s can be looked at as quality workouts. Really, a race day (though intense) is less mileage than my average workout during the week.

    I don’t really feel like the 5K is sprinting. I certainly feel like I’m going fast, but not sprinting. Since I’ve been following your blog for a while, my feeling is that you can take the discomfort of anaerobic running for a longer period of time than I can. So, maybe you can sprint for that long, and I can’t. Either way, I think you could probably at least match my time if you were to run one in the next month or two.

  4. i think by sprinting i meant that painful/burn feeling. although, the last 5k i ran i went out wayyy too fast (mile repeat pace, which i can handle when i get a couple minutes to rest and catch my breath after each one) so that’s the memory sitting in my head. i downplay the distance and don’t respect my “speed”.

    i am definitely going to look for some 5 and 10k’s to do this spring/summer. can’t let you keep all the glory! 🙂

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