Wiped Out

I sit here writing this with 2 large lead weights hanging from my hips. They are commonly referred to as “legs”. Today’s easy run went pretty well. It was probably more of a struggle than an easy 3 mile run should be, but I made it through at my goal pace. The full body strength training went pretty well too, but I am just plain tired. It certain didn’t help that today was a stressful day at work too. Anyway, I’m pretty apprehensive about tomorrow’s speed work. I’ve been shuffling around the house, so it’s hard to imagine picking my legs up enough to do 400 m repeats at 5:30 pace. If I don’t post tomorrow, it’s probably because I did a face plant on the treadmill and shot out the second story window of the gym.

Actual workout

5 minutes warmup

3 miles at 8:27 pace

5 minutes cool down

Full body strength training

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