Week in Review: More food please

What started out as a good week ended on a sour note.  My intervals on Saturday didn’t go so well, so I finished the 6.5 miles off at easy pace, rested up and headed out Sunday afternoon for my 10.5 mile long run.  That too started out well, but eventually, my body just decided that it didn’t want to run any more and I ended up struggling along and taking a few walk breaks.  On a positive note, I still finished the workout at an average pace of 8:48/mile (exactly my prescribed easy pace).

I really think I need to start watching my caloric intake more closely.  I had lost 3 lbs before the spring break.  Fortunately, I gained them all back over the vacation.  Now I suspect I’m losing them again.  That would explain the sluggishness in the morning and certainly the leaden legs at the end of the week.  Some people need to remember to cross train, or remember to stretch.  I need to remember to eat.  That’s my focus for the week.

Here’s a summary of the week:

Monday: 1200 m intervals at I pace: 6.5 miles

Tuesday: Easy treadmill + strength: 5 miles

Wednesday: 1200 m intervals at T pace: 8.5 miles

Thursday: treadmill +strength: 5 miles

Friday: Off + chiropractor

Saturday:  1200 m interval at I pace + easy running: 6.5 miles

Sunday: Long run: 10.5 miles

Total: 42 miles.

Next week, I’ll be bumping up to 48 miles.  I’ll also be introducing a new twist: 2 workouts on some days.  My daughter Alice’s track season has ended so I’ll be running with her to try to maintain her fitness, then build up for cross country season in the fall.  These should all be easy runs at her easy pace of 10:24 min/mile so hopefully it won’t add a whole lot of stress on me.  I’m definitely counting them in my weekly total.


  1. wahh i’m a guy and i can’t help but to lose weight. 😉

    i’ve never been disappointed with training-weight-loss personally but i can understand when it starts to affect your strength and energy levels. i recommend an xl-sized bag of m&m’s daily! solid week back in action and i think those 2-a-days will be good – more time on your feet, forced easy mileage, a gentle intro to doubles (before you really get into it in a few months)…

  2. @Paul I think it does, but I’m not sure if it would accurately account for my strength training.

    @Lindsay I was actually giving serious consideration to the M&M’s diet even before you mentioned it. Actually, I’m a sucker for the Starburst jellybeans and they’re all over the place with Easter coming up. Maybe if I call them “sports beans”, I can justify it.

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