The Week in Review – I’m Outta Here!

This week was probably the most intense week I’ve put myself through as far as training goes.  Sure, I’ve run more miles ina week, but never have a I done so much speedwork on top of strength training without rest.  I did it as a kind of experiment since I’ll be taking a planned week off now.  It kicked my butt.  After Tuesday, I walked around pretty much all week with legs of lead and felt tired every afternoon at work.  By the time I got home every night, I was ready to collapse in bed.

Today was a final interval session.  It was supposed to be 4×200 m at R pace (44 sec) with 200m recoveries + 3x1000m I pace (4:04)  with 400m recoveries and 2 x 400 m R pace (1:30) with 400 m recoveries.  I got through the set of 200’s just great:

200 m in 42 sec

200 m in 42 sec

200 m in 39 sec

200 m in 38 sec

I was feeling pretty good after a 600 m recovery jog and started into the first 1000 m interval when I felt a sharp stabbing pain in my right buttock.  I ran a few meters, hoping it would go away, but it didn’t.  So, I walked for a while wondering if I should just go home.  I massaged it a bit and decided to see what I could do with it.  I started jogging and basically just went as fast as I could without pain.  I settled on what amounts to my M pace and finished out the 7 miles.  My butt is still a little sore, but I’m sure it will be okay after the time off.

Here’s the week in review:

Monday: Weird mix of  intervals = 6.5 miles

Tuesday: 4 miles Easy Treadmill + upper and lower strength + 2 miles easy treadmill = 6 miles

Wednesday: Threshold interval = 8.5 miles

Thursday: 5 miles easy treadmill + upper and lower strength + 2 miles easy treadmill = 7 miles

Friday: 5 miles easy treadmill + core training class + 2 miles easy treadmill = 7 miles

Saturday: 200 m intervals + M pace running = 7 miles

Total: 42 miles

I was about 8 minutes slower than last week’s 42 miles primarily because of walk breaks during the first and third quality workouts of the week.  I went pretty hard core on the strength sessions, lifting heavy weights to complete exhaustion in every set.  The core class was also pretty demanding this week (or maybe I was just more tired).

It is now officially spring break and I’m off to Walt Disney World for some relaxation.  I’m leaving the laptop and the running shoes at home (though I’m sure the Twitter feed will be active).  I’ll be enjoying myself in various ways that involve restaurants, lounge chairs, margaritas and fast rides.  See you all next weekend.


  1. That was a really hard week, wondering if you could have squeezed in some resistance running as against one speedwork session! You have put in the effort, enjoy the break!

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