The toe raise

I’ve just discovered a new exercise to combat the shin splints problem.  As far as I know it doesn’t have an official name, so we’ll just refer to it as the “Toe raise” since the names of most exercises just seem to describe the general motion of the exercise.  It would be far more fun to call this exercise the “Idaho Tango” or something like that, but I suppose that’s not very practical.

In any case, it’s pretty easy to do.  Stand up against a wall with your feet about one foot’s length from the wall.  Rest your shoulders and buttocks against the wall.  Raise your toes toward the ceiling as far as you can.  Then, slowly lower them back toward the ground.  Just as the balls of your feet barely touch the ground, raise them again.  Do a set of 15 to start off.  Once you’ve got 15, hold your toes in the raised position and then rapidly lower them an inch or so, bringing them quickly back up to the raised postion.  Do a quick set of 15 of these.  Once that becomes easy, you can move on to 2 or more sets of both exercise.

Here’s a short video to demonstrate:

Today was a strength trainging day as planned.

Actual workout:

10 minutes warmup on stationary bike at level 5

2 set of single leg deadlift

2 sets of single leg extensions

2 sets of side steps with elastic band

1 set of toe raises

2 sets of decline press

2 sets of lat pulldowns

2 sets of shoulder shrugs

2 sets of tricep extensions

2 sets of inclined bicep curls.

60 second plank exercise

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