The Photoshoot

A few weeks ago, I blogged about a photo shoot I was doing in the morning.  I thought since it’s Friday (and some people do a photo Friday) that I’d share the results:




The photo shoot was conducted in downtown St. Petersburg for a redesign of our own company website.  The top photo has become my official company mugshot.  Occasionally, potential clients ask for resumes and bios of the company principals, so that photo goes out with our little kit.  We didn’t end up using the middle shot because of the huge glare in my glasses (though it could have been removed with Photoshop – that is something our company does), but we all decided the first one was better anyway.  The third pic is (obviously) the whole company (all three of us).

The photos were taken by Tanya Sharkey, a St. Petersburg photographer who just opened a new studio.  Her studio is cool, but we preferred the outdoor city location (and yes we did have to postpone the shoot for a week due to rain).  Our company website used to be comic book themed, so our official pictures were actually caricatures.  We decided to redesign the site and finally look like real people.

It occurs to me now that a lot of my loyal readers have gotten tidbits of my rather convoluted employment situation and that must be a little confusing.  Here’s the 30 second version for those who care:

I have a Ph.D. in oceanography.  I work full time for a local university programming three dimensional numerical models of continental shelf ecosystems (they’re like hurricane models, only with biology).  While I was still in grad school, my wife started R-Design, a graphic design company that quickly turned into a full service creative studio.  I serve as the development director, overseeing the books, the programming and the SEO (search engine optimization).  Aside from that, I work on several other web based projects that are just for fun now, but could be profitable at some point.  One of those is running related.  Oh, and I run a whole lot (but you knew that).


  1. I was wondering about that photoshoot, so thanks for sharing the photos. You all look great!

    I agree with Lindsay, I could not possibly squat down like that. And I’m only 23. That’s sad, right?

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