The peak is here

This week basically marks the peak of my training for the 2009 Walt Disney World half-marathon. It’s the last 60 mile week. After this week, I begin a relatively slow taper down to the race itself. I realize I’ve been a little absent from the blogging this time around. Part of that is because I’ve been spending so damned much time running. I’ve also been logging my runs on the Runners World training log (as well as developing my own online training log), so I don’t feel as compelled to log things here.

For the two of you who are actually interested, here’s a look at my week:

Monday: 6 miles at 9:05 pace on the treadmill + 1 hour strength training + 2 miles at 9:05 pace on the treadmill

Tuesday: 2 X (2.75 miles at 9:05 pace + 2.75 miles at 7:15 pace) + 1 mile at 9:05 pace

Wednesday: 6 miles at 9:05 pace on treadmill + 1 hour strength training +2 miles at 9:05 pace on treadmill

Thursday: 9 miles at 9:05 pace

Friday: 6 miles at 9:05 pace on treadmill + core training class + 2 miles at 9:05 pace on treadmill

Saturday: Off

Sunday: 15 miles at 9:05 pace

I was dreading the tempo run this morning, but I really rocked it. I ran the full 12 miles in 1:37:53 and felt fairly comfortable doing it. So, I just have to squeeze another mile in that time and I’ve got my goal of 1:40:00 for the half-marathon. I’m pretty happy with where I’m at right now. I feel like I’m in much better shape than I was last year at this time and I only have to run half the distance! I just have to avoid injuring myself on the hills when I’m in St. Louis for the holidays.


  1. Hello Brian! I was looking around to see what other graphic design companies do in Tampa Bay (I graduated as a graphic designer last year, but took a year absent due to some illnesses after car accident(s)) I consider myself physically active person – run, road bike, tennis, skiing, etc… . Many activities have been restricted ever since. Today it was my last session with a personal trainer in Lifestyle and I thought to get back into a graphic design world. Now – I didn’t get very far – and here I am!!! I am literally looking at your posting about training schedule for a half marathon. You don’t know me, and I don’t know you – but all I want to say that everything in our lives that we get in touch – has its own reason and message. Currently my inner voice is screaming to say thank you for posting the bulletin up, and I need to learn from it!!! Thank You! (This message may seem weird, but aren’t we all in some sense!)Sincerely, Anne’ke

  2. Yes, that message does seem weird, and yes I’m weird in many different ways too. I’m glad you’re getting active again, and it’s always good to hear from others in the area. Good luck with your increased activity and let me know how it’s going.

  3. Very impressed, you are going to rock that half marathon. Let me know what you think of it, my wife ran it in 08, she said she liked the marathon more because it had more distractions, I think she was just a little more out of shape for it to tell the truth.

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