The First Speed Session

As predicted, the enthusiasm I had last night for my upcoming speed session faded dramatically overnight and I woke none too excited about heading to the park for some fast laps around the lake.  I still managed to drag myself there and started to feel better about the prospect after an 8:30 warmup mile.  I stretched, then went in to the speed portion of the workout.  The plan was 4 x 1 mile in 7:00 with 1 min rests between.  The path around the lake at the park is 1.1 miles (marked every 1/4).  So, I figured I’d run the mile, then walk the 0.1 from the mile mark back to the start.  As it turned out, this walk took about 1:30-2:00, but I needed the extra rest.  Here’s how the miles went:

mile 1: 6:35

mile 2: 6:47

mile 3: 6:50

mile 4: 6:58

After realizing the first mile was too fast (I was showing off for Raffi and Britt who were running their usual Tuesday morning 3 miler at the same park), I tried to slow myself down in the next two miles.  I finally succeeded in hitting the proper pace in the final mile but only because I was tired.  I’m actually surprised I got under 7 for that one.

So, the first speed session was not the most consistent, but at least I’m clearly fit enough to proceed with the plan.  I may even need to bump myself up a VDOT level, but I’ll wait a couple more weeks and decide then.  I finished the workout with a mile cool down to round the whole thing out at 6 miles.

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