The final training run before the 5K

I headed out feeling fresh this morning. I didn’t want to work too hard today, but I did want to build my confidence for the race. I decided to push myself in the middle third of my tempo run. My goal was to average less than 7 minutes per mile over that middle 10 minutes. I focused on shortening my stride and relaxing. Things went pretty well. I just barely came in under 7:00 minutes per mile for that 10 minutes. I would have been a little better, but I took a really sharp turn and instantly got a pretty big stitch, so I stopped for about 10 seconds or so trying to get rid of it and then stumbled through the last 30 seconds of that segment.

Actual workout

8 minutes warmup

10 minutes at 9:20 pace

10 minutes at 6:59 pace

10 minutes at 9:32 pace

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