The final speed workout

Yesterday, I had a photo shoot in the morning, so I didn’t run.  I did 4 miles in the afternoon with Alice.

This morning, I headed out the door for my last speed workout for a few weeks.  I have to admit that that fact certainly helped to get me out the door.  The plan called for 4 x 1200m in 5:01 + 4×200 m in 0:42.  Here’s how it went:

1200 m in 4:48

1200 m in 5:03

1200 m in 4:56

1200 m in 4:52

200 m in 0:36

200 m in 0:39

200 m in 0:42

200 m in 0:37

With warmup and cooldown, the workout was 7 miles in 57:45.  Once again, there were walking rests where there should have been jogging recoveries, but I’m getting there with the new paces.  The heat has been killer lately too.  I’ve been coming home drenched in sweat and have to change clothes just to stretch so that I don’t end up laying in a puddle of my own sweat.  Even if the race this weekend dictates going up a VDOT, I’m going to stick here for a while.

On another note, I’ve had this weird desire lately to rent a house in the mountains and just run.  Imagine getting up in the morning for a run, maybe taking a nap, then another run in the late afternoon followed by a great dinner and shooting the breeze.  I could go for a few weeks of that.  Who’s with me?  LOL.


  1. Looks like a good workout today. I am planning on picking up the Daniel’s book and looking more into VDOT once my ITB is back 100 percent.

    I would definitely do the mountain thing as long as I could have a few beers and maybe my PS3!!!

  2. looks like you are really getting the hang of those speed workouts! I have heard of trail running camps in the mountains where you stay for 3-4 days and just live running!

  3. Photo shoot?

    Yes, last speedwork day!

    In college, we used to go to cross country camp and run twice everyday, eat only healthy foods and take naps. It was like was awesome!

  4. oh? are we a model too?

    i’m down for a few weeks (/months?) of running and relaxing. where do i sign up?

    nice speed day, way to wrap up your ‘season’. now grab that huge pr!

  5. I think the beers and whiskey are welcome. I have a friend who claims some of his best races were after getting sloshed on beer the night before…he qualified for the Olympic trials in the 3000 m steeplechase. Of course I later realized most of his races were in the afternoon. It probably doesn’t work as well with morning races…and I don’t like beer. I doubt the bourbon has the same “carbing up” effect.

    And yes, Jess we would definitely need internet access as well. Although, it might get boring for people to read about the same workout on 6 different blogs. Who needs blog comments when we can sit around the living room with our whiskey and beer to discuss the day’s mileage?

  6. I am all for runner’s camp in a mountain somewhere. But I would have to insist on no internet. After working non stop on this thesis for the last couple months I am ready to be disconnected from the world for a while.

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