The Abs Class

I hit the gym with the intention of warming up on the stationary bike and getting an upper body workout in.  I did hit the stationary bike and got through some chest work when my wife invited me to join her in the half hour abs class.  Having just read a wonderful article in Runner’s World the evening before about the importance of a strong core for running, I agreed.

It was a pretty intense class centering around the work with the large infatable exercise balls.  We started with some standard crunches while sitting on the ball.  Then we moved on to some pretty intense planks with our hands balancing on the ball.  Following that, we did the exchange exercise where you hold the ball in your hands, sit up and pass the ball off to your feet, then repeat the process in the reverse direction.  Then, we performed some cruches while holding the balls against our hamstrings with our ankles.  We finished off with some oblique work using heavy elsatic bands.  I’m definately sore.

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