Striking Back at Threshold Pace

I moved my Threshold pace workout to Monday this week in hopes of conducting it on fresh legs.  I also did it on the treadmill to get myself out of the heat.  The plan was for 2.25 miles at T pace + 3-4 minutes jogging + 1.5 miles T pace + 3-4 minutes jogging + 0.75 miles T pace.

I warmed up with a mile at easy pace and then:

2 miles at 6:48

4 minutes walking

1 mile at 6:48

4 minutes walking

0.75 miles at 6:48 pace

4 minutes walking

I finished with a cooldown to total 7 miles.  It wasn’t great, but it’s been a long time since I’ve gotten 2 miles straight at T pace, so I’m going to take it as a confidence builder.


  1. Looks like a good workout to me. I’ve also been having headaches, which I’m blaming on electrolyte imbalance because of all the sweating.

  2. way to get yourself on the board! sounds much much better than the previous attempts and now you know you are capable of it for next time.

    brian – 1, threshold – 8 (or so) 😉

  3. Great work brother! How do you like the tread? I have not done any speed work on a tread yet but in a few months may have to when the weather gets cold here

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