Yesterday’s easy run on the treadmill was not as easy as I would have liked again.  My legs felt tired and I just kind of slogged through 6 miles at 8:42 pace.  Afterward, I did an upper body and core strength training session.  This morning, the weather was beautiful and I headed over to the park to rip out some 400 m intervals.  The plan was for 8 x 400 m in 90 seconds with 400 m recovery jogs.  Here’s how it went:

400m in 84s

400m in 85s

400m in 86s

400m in 85s

400m in 87s

400m in 87s

400m in 85s

400m in 87s

I scared the crap out of a dog today, which was kind of fun.  Normally, dogs see me coming and they pull on their leashes trying to attack me before I get to their owner.  This dog was standing in the middle of the path while its owner was talking with some other people (which I hate, BTW…it’s fine to stop and have a conversation, but please step off the path instead of blocking everyone else) I popped into the grass and it turned just as I zipped past.  The dog actually took off in the opposite direction, dragging its surprised owner with it.

The intervals were a nice end to a stretch of 8 straight days running.  Tonight, I’m heading to Walt Disney World for the Disney Princess half marathon expo.  My wife will be running the 5K tomorrow.  It will be her first competitive endeavor in anything.  She complained to me for about 2 years that she couldn’t ever do more than a mile.  So, even though she wasn’t a couch potato, she finally tried a version of the C25K program and now she can do 3!  I’m very proud of her for sticking  with it and I’m willing to bet she’s going to run the race faster than she thinks tomorrow.  My eldest daughter is also running (her skin is growing back), so she’ll be there to pace mommy if she doesn’t decide to bust out her speed and go for a PR.  I am very much looking forward to a day off from running and a morning along the course as a spectator.  It’s all the excitement of race day without the hard work!

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2 Responses to Spectating

  1. Amy S. says:

    Nice workout…400s under 90 is definitely tough! And that is just really neat that your whole family can take part in the marathon. How cool is that?

  2. lindsay says:

    nice job as always on the repeats. hope the family did well at the 5k! very exciting accomplishment for your wife!

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