So, what’s the old boy been up to?

This week has been pretty fun.  Monday morning I went out for a 4 mile run.  I felt pretty good, so I ran five.  Later, I ran 4 very slow miles with Alice.  Tuesday, I did 9 miles on the stationary bike then did a full body strength training session.  It was the first time I went full bore on the legs in over a month and I was definitely feeling it during my 4 miles with Alice that afternoon.  Of course, she was feeling good and didn’t complain much.  That was nice.  I was busy dealing with my own soreness and wasn’t in the mood to deal with hers too.

That night, we were up kind of late since we all went to the community center to watch my other daughter, Wendy, test for her orange belt in karate.  She nailed it and is well on her way to being able to kick all of our asses.

This morning, the soreness had really kicked in.  I went out for a four mile run, but was feeling quite stiff so I shortened it to 3 miles.  I did do it at 7:40 pace, which felt nice.  I still felt like the tin man when I started my 4 miles with Alice this afternoon and she had a blister.  She was complaining.  I asked her if she was injured.

“No, it’s just a blister,” she said.

“Then run through it and we’ll tape it tomorrow,” I replied.  She whimpered some more, but eventually dialed it in in the final two miles and ended up at a pretty good pace.  I was proud of her for persisting and even kicking it up at the end.  Clearly, she saw the power in daddy’s duct tape blister cure.

So, nothing too exciting here.  I’m certainly feeling more relaxed then last week.  I’m enjoying my runs and getting excited about getting back to a structured training plan.  I’m totally cool with taking it easy for another 3 and a half weeks, though.


  1. i’m still not so sure about the duct tape fix, mostly b/c i’m too afraid of what it would do when i peeled it off. glad all is well in the old man life.

  2. congrats to your daughter on the orange belt!! One of my teammates used to put Vaseline on her feet before practices…apparently that worked! Not sure about the duct tape though! lol

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