Saucony ViZi-PRO Epic Run Jacket

Saucony sent over this epic run jacket a couple months ago, but it took a while for the Florida weather to get cold enough to try it out.  After a couple of night runs in Florida, it’s gotten a lot of use on my holiday trip to St. Louis.

While the incredible visibility of this recommended jacket usually gets top billing, my favorite thing about it is the amount of control it gives me over my core temperature.  Made from 100% woven polyester with a durable water repellent (DWR) coating, the Epic jacket is very light and when paired with a thin base layer is quite warm down to at least 20 degrees.  I’ve yet to test it at a lower temperature, but with a thicker base layer or the addition of a middle layer, I’m certain this jacket makes a superb outer layer even in sub zero conditions.   Small adjustments using the zipper result in fine control over air flow.  This is exceptionally handy when switching from running into a head wind to running with a tail wind.

I won’t lie.  The bright orange color is hard to miss and I took a little flak from my run buddies the first time I showed up to our regular Wednesday evening run wearing this jacket.  I was the one laughing, however, when they had to slip their reflective vests on over their jackets.  With reflective piping down the sleeves, along the zipper, and on mesh panels on the shoulders and back hem, this jacket just about completely replaces the need for any other reflective clothing while running at night.

As an added bonus, the jacket includes an LED light that fits snugly into a slot pocket on the sleeve.  The LED light operates in both steady and blinking mode.  It’s not quite bright enough to light your way along a dark road, but it does make you a heck of a lot more visible to anyone else sharing that road.  The coolest thing about the LED light?  It plugs into any standard USB port to recharge!  Of course, it lasts so long that I haven’t had to use that feature yet.

Saucony’s line of ViZi-PRO gear is a great addition to the gear bag of any runner who runs at night.  I’m very excited about having this jacket and the ViZi-PRO Drylete long sleeved sport top with me on the Ragnar Relay next week.  You can also get ViZi-PRO gloves, arm warmers, tights, tops, hats, headbands and shoes.  My only request is ViZi-PRO shorts.  We Floridians have to run half naked in the dark during the summer!

***Disclaimer: The jacket was complimentary, but the opinions are solely mine.  I sure do like it.  If I didn’t, I’d tell you that.***

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  1. I love mine (although would have loved it more were it complimentary – giggle)!!!!

    I wear it all the time (but it’s a little chillier here than it is in Florida). Wore in it a 5K in St. Louis, and my family said they could see me from miles away.

    I accidentally washed it with the light still on the sleeve. I took the jacket out of the washer, and the light was flashing. It flashed constantly (wouldn’t shut off) until the battery died. I charged it back up, and it’s worked fine ever since. (whew)


    1. I have spotted the jacket in a few of your posts. I’ve never thought about wearing it in a race for spectators purposes, but I think it would have to be pretty cold for me to wear a jacket in a race.

  2. that jacket would be perfect for the PNW. last month i got some refelctive sleeves and blinky light from Nathan Performance Gear but have yet to try it because putting a sleeve over a jacket just doesnt work well.

  3. does something like this count as a vest for ragnar? or do they still require the vest regardless of how much reflective piping you have? jw. i am 99% sure i will be bringing a legit running vest anyway, borrowed from a blog buddy of course.

    i don’t get the neon orange/yellow/lime green on night running gear… it’s not like it’s any more visible in the dark? the only thing i could think of is that the bright colors help you stand out during the day when everything is kind of gray/neutral colored in the winter.

    i’m overanalyzing this. nice jacket.

    1. It’s not entirely clear whether this counts as a vest. To be safe, we’re presenting 12 real vests at the start, but assuming it’s cool enough, I’ll be wearing one of these on my night leg (if I have a night leg). You’ll find that the organization of the Ragnar Relay is quite loose between major exchange points.

  4. Love this jacket!! Run at night after a long day of work in Berlin, NH! When I get to North Conway, it’s dark and late. I am seen, per my neighbors, as I wear a headlamp and vest in addition to this jacket. During the day on the weekend, I am quite visible! Screamin’ orange…pockets galore, light weight and comfy! My personal fave!

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