Running Recap: Week of 9/28/2009 – 10/04/2009

This week was a race week so the mileage was intentionally a little low.  Still, there were a few missed workouts do to some pain the my groin area and life got in the way with some car trouble on Monday so the mileage ended up even lower than planned.  Here’s how it went:

Tuesday AM: 6 miles easy treadmill + lower body strength

Tuesday PM: 4 miles easy

Wednesday AM: 4x1mile + 6x200m + 1 mile (10 miles total)

Thursday AM: 4 miles easy treadmill

Friday AM: 2.5 miles easy

Saturday: 10K Race + warmup = 7 miles

Sunday: 60 minutes (20.5 miles) stationary bike

Total: 33.5 miles

Here are a couple pictures from the race for the cure on Saturday:

Me, Alice, Raffi and Denise (rundmt) before the race
Mid-race photo by Denise as we passed each other
Mid-race photo by Denise as we passed each other


  1. what kind of running form is that? 😉 jk, i know you were probably trying to wave.

    hopefully the reduced-mileage week kept the groin issue at bay! funny how “piddly” 30-40 miles/week seems now. i have to remind myself it’s not!

  2. That’s still a respectable week. I hope the groin responds positively. I know right around Thankgiving last year I slipped in a puddle during a rainstorm at a 10K and pulled my groin. That took pretty darn near two months to completely resolve. Better to take it easy now than to really aggravate it.

    Oh and Ahem…. 5 – 3. Scoreboard baby!

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