Running Recap: Week of 5/25/2009 – 5/31/2009

This week was a good comeback from the previous week. In order to facilitate my gradual rise to 100+ miles per week, I need to be in the 30’s by now:

Monday: Still at the beach
Tuesday PM: 4.75 miles with Alice
Wednesday AM: 3 miles Easy on the treadmill
Wednesday PM: 4 miles with Alice
Thursday AM: 7.25 miles Easy
Thursday PM: 4 miles with Alice
Friday AM: 3 miles Easy on the treadmill
Friday PM: 4 miles with Alice
Saturday AM: 400 m intervals with Alice (3 miles total)

Weekly total: 33 miles

I’m headed to Orlando next weekend for Raffi’s birthday, so I’ve only got Monday-Thursday to work with this week. On top of that, my afternoon running partner (Alice) is in St. Louis for 16 days, so I’ll either have to cram all my mileage into morning workouts, or go it alone in the afternoon. I’m going to shoot for 38 miles this week.


  1. You’re always traveling somewhere! When do you hope to get to 100 miles a week? (which is INSANE, by the way!)

    I haven’t done two-a-days forever, but they are nice when trying to knock off a lot of mileage in one day, especially if you’ve got only four days to do it in.

  2. Like the plan dude!

    100+ miles– How long are you giving yourself to reach that goal? Are you just focusing on distance or speed as well?

  3. Thanks Brian! I think I can’t qualify until 2010, but I would like to make the B standard at the Detroit Marathon in October regardless.

    I would love to be running 100 mile weeks by mid-August (I’m at low-mid 60s right now). Are you following a particular build-up plan?

  4. wahh i’m traveling again. oh wait. i guess i can’t say much. 😉 at least yours is for FUN and there are people you know and like around.

    good luck squeezing your 38 in before the weekend, though i have no doubts in you.

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